Módulo de laminación de masa de empanadas Modelo TC400

Module lamination mass Model TC400

The model TC400 is a computer designed for the lamination of masses mainly hojaldradas, with a pair of rollers of diameter 400 mm which makes the process of lamination is correct for this type of mass, with variable speed drives that allow the regulation of the mass.


Width standard work of 600 mm
Roller diameter 400 mm coated in hard chrome and endings blasting mate, which made opening and closing electronically in an environment of 0 to 45 mm
The speeds of the rollers and tapes of each module are variables and individual
Both these, as the thickness of the dough in the process are programmable with a PLC and can be displayed on an LCD screen, which makes possible the dialogue man-machine
This module can be linked with other modules by means of conveyors health, Achieving a train of laminate
Both the lips of the rollers as the seals and other plastic parts are built in APM as indicated by the international standards of hygiene
The cover is constructed of stainless steel
Features: laminated, hojaldrado, re-armed, cutting, filling

In addition to the devices that protect from the installation errors and the electrical mains, this equipment is provided with emergency stops on both sides and a protection in the income of the rollers causes the automatic switch-off, thus providing safety to the operator

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